Surveying for Potential Backers

This browser extension started off as a whimsical pet project of mine earlier this year. Several months later, it started to gained traction and went from around 3k active users to now around 20k users. This project starts to become more and more personal to me as the number of users grows. In the meantime of this growth, I've been thinking of different ideas that could really enhanced the experience of this web extension. Here's a brief list:

  • add the ability to trade or gift cursors to other users
  • add the ability to share your cursor stash, so other users can view what you have collected
  • add the ability to increase cursor stash space
  • add the ability to upload custom cursor(s)
  • hire a dedicated graphic artist that could created custom cursors based off of users' requests

However some of those ideas above will require external resources (ie. database server, web server, etc.), which brings me to the point of this post which is to survey how many users of Cursor Mega Pack would be willing to support the project financially to get the ball moving on those features and others.

Below are links to 2 very short questionnaires:

Surveying for Potential Backers: (total questions: 2)

General Feedback: (basic feedback form)

Consider taking a minute or 2 to complete them, it would help me out greatly in gauging the demand for improvements of Cursor Mega Pack

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