0.9.0 Stash Cursor feature

Cursor Mega Pack version 0.9.0 most notable change is the ability to now stash cursors...

 Displaying procedure for stashing a cursor

Stashing Cursors

The ability to stash cursors will become more practical in future versions of this extension as I will began phasing out some of the older cursors in exchange for newer ones at a greater frequency. This will keep the extension from becoming bloated in size and also curb the need to fetch cursors from a database, all while making things more interesting. Stashing cursors becomes useful in this case, since you will be able to continue using your favorite cursors even after they're phase out from the extension.

There's currently a hard-limit of 10 cursors that you're allowed to store in your stash, the reason for this is that I want to reserve Chrome sync storage for future use of this extension and to keep from hitting this very strict quota. There will likely be an option to increase this limit in a future release.

Other notable changes

news modal

There is now a popup modal that show news highlights related to the extension

Displaying procedure for accessing the News


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