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0.11.0 more cursors!

Cursor Mega Pack version 0.11.0 gives users the ability to directly select from the thousands of free cursors available on rw-desinger . Think of rw-designer as the fuel for Cursor Mega Pack. They have a lot of talented artists, submitting new cursors all the time. I will continue to occasionally pick some cursors I like from there and feature them in Cursor Mega Pack.

1. Once you're updated to version 0.11.0, look for the Cursor Mega Pack logo alongside a cursor and click it. (note: you can only select static cursors)

2. The cursor will be set in the cursor mega pack extension
and that's it. If this doesn't work as expected try clearing the selected cursor, refreshing webpage, and selecting the cursor from rw-designer again
Upcoming Changes Below are changes that are planned to take effect in Cursor Mega Pack (in aversion after 0.11.0)...
The Cursor Stash is going away Since it's now possible to select any cursor you want from the rw-designer website, we see no need to ke…

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